Are YOU Programmed to be BROKE?
It's REALLY not your faultLearn how to change your subconscious mind 
and start finally living in abundance. 

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Why The World Keeps You Stuck

In this two-hour session, we'll learn how and why we stay broke, why we don't show up to our full potential, and why we stay small.

Expect an hour of teaching as well as an hour of exercises so you can identify your personal limiting beliefs and how they are currently impacting you. 

The Total Money Transformation   
In this two-hour session, we are going to retrain your brain and learn exactly what to do to change your subconscious. 

Expect  training and personal exercises to help you level up your view of money and live in abundance.  You'll never see money the same - GUARANTEED.

  • Identify your first, dream-worthy goal to conquer
  • Prioritize and rate your responsibilties  
  • Organize your calendar and start delegating
  • ​Create a simple, 90-day action plan so you can get more done than you ever imagined
p.s.  This training was originally $127, but you can engage with the replay today for just $47!

If you don't absolutely love it, and it doesn't transform the way you see money, then I don't want you to pay for it!  Just email me for a 100% refund
— Over $250 in Bonuses!? —
Over $1,000 in PreLaunch Bonuses!
($150 VALUE)
The best way to rewire your brain is through hypnosis as your brain relaxes into Theta state, which is the best for learning. For the next 21-days, rewire your subconcious by listening to the Wealth Wiring Hypnosis, which is included in this workshop. (Plus, I include a shorter option that you can use at any time too!)  

($50+ VALUE)
BONUS #2:  PROGRAMMED TO BE BROKE                                       DIGITAL WORKBOOK
Participate right along the training using the Programmed To Be Broke Exercise Workbook.  
($50 VALUE)
Printable Wealth Affirmation Cards and a Blank Check to use as you rewire your brain by placing repeated messaging around your home, car, and on your phone!
Does My Training Work?
 My business was completely stagnant before this training, and in the past 30 days - I've doubled my sales!!!
  I have made about $250 in sample sales these past 2 weeks after months of not having any sample sales!! And I have increased the number of customers signing up! 
  The subconscious beliefs I have had about money stemming back from childhood. Blew my mind!
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